Apartments for rent in Hurghada. Rent an apartment in Hurghada.

Apartments for rent in Hurghada. Rent an apartment in Hurghada.

Rental market is very extensive. All types of real property from small studios for single travelers to large villas designed for a large company or several families are available for rent.


Advantages of renting real estate in Hurghada are obvious:

• Renting an apartment is cheaper than staying in a hotel

• You are free to get around

• You choose what you will eat today, if to cook for yourself or go to the nearest cafe or restaurant

• During the high tourist season when all the hotels are overcrowded, it’s more convenient to rent an apartment

• An apartment certainly provides solitude, that is impossible in hotel

• You can choose the area of ​​Hurghada, where you want to rent an apartment on your own


All independent travelers have different reasons to rent an apartment in Egypt:

Doing water sport (windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, jet ski, water ski, and of course, diving), a long vacation or lodging for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.

So, you have decided to rent an apartment or villa in Hurghada.

To help you we state the average price for the rental of various real estate types in 2015.

Studio - $200 per month

One-bedroom apartment - $250 per month

Two-bedroom apartment - $350 per month

Villa - $1.500 per month

The price is, without doubt, approximate and depends on the house, where the apartment is located (a conventional house or complex), the area (central areas are more expensive), the distance from the sea (the closer to the sea, the more expensive).

The price stated in the ads usually does not include utilities, e.g. water services and electricity services - they need to be paid extra.

The most popular seasons to rent property in Hurghada are mid-autumn and winter. Keep in mind that at this time it is very difficult to find an apartment for rent , despite the variety of choice.

We recommend you to apply to trusted agencies, if you want to rent real property in Egypt. The indispensable condition for rent is to make a rental contract.

The contract must clearly state the following terms: the length of the rental period, what utilities are included, if utilities cost is included, and impeachment of waste.

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