Consultation for adaptation in Egypt

Consultation for adaptation in Egypt

It is very difficult to understand the laws, the manners and customs of another country. The first time always need help and support in any, even the most seemingly minor issues.

We will help you to adapt to life in Hurghada, will explain all the features of living here, the rules and traditions, laws and conventions Advise on legal matters, help with the selection of stores on any topic of your interest: furniture and appliances, repair and design, any stuff for the house that are needed on the household, even with the choice of buying products will always advise you and show you what and where to buy by price range and quality We meet and accompany our clients to the airport, if you are not a frequent visitor to Hurghada, we can also help You arrange tours and companies providing insurance and responsible for their tourists To us You can contact on any topic of interest about life in Hurghada in Egypt!

We will do our best for Your comfortable and carefree life here in Hurghada, the sunniest city in the world! Welcome to the world of the Pharaohs and the mysterious Sphinx!!


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