Real Estate Exhibition in Hurghada!

Real Estate Exhibition in Hurghada!

The expo is compatible with International standarts from the number of exhibitors to the size of the exhibition and the expected number of visitors. It will be organized to the high-est level with a huge adverising campaign all over Egypt which will begin one month before the expo and continue until the end

Hurghada city in The Red Sea was chosen to be the host of this expo after studying the marketand analyzing the need of the Red Sea area for this kind of of service. Most of the residents of Hurghada city have come from all over Egypt (around 600 000 employeess in all different sectors) plus Hurghada city has the highest concentration of foreign investors in Egypt

The expo is held at the conference hall in Steigenberg Hotel in the tourism strip (El Mamsha al syahy) at Hurghada city. The area is 1170 meter square,air conditioned and prepared with all the power and services needed.

The expo will be opened at the first day of the elite of Egyptian society and the invitation will VIP only. After the official opening the invitation will be made open for the public. An agenda for the expo will be delivered a week before the opening date

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