El Kawther district of Hurghada

El Kawther district of Hurghada

El Kawther is the most popular area for the purchase of real property among Western Europeans. It is the tourist center of Hurghada, but it doesn’t occupy a waterfront location. It is located in the so-called ‘second sea line’ and the beaches are within a 10-15-minute walk away. It borders with Mubarak-2 and Mubarak-6 areas.

El Kawther has seen rapid growth in the last 5 years. In other words, all the houses in this area are new. The area offers a lot of shops, banks, restaurants and cafes, a hospital, supermarket, nursery schools, as well as German and French schools. The area is also famous for the top popular beaches of Hurghada - Old Vik and Dream Beach.

 The entrance fee to the beaches starts at £ 35.

Hotels located in the area also offer tourists access to their beaches. The cost of a day visit starts at $10, there are also monthly passes. You can gain access to the hotel beach only or all-inclusive one.


Another advantage of this area is the transport accessibility. Any area of ​​Hurghada is accessible from El Kawther  by public transport. El Kawther is considered to be one of the most laid-back areas of the the town, designed to recreation.

Active leisure enthusiasts will find many night clubs and discotheques in the neighboring area of ​​El Mamsha.

Prices for studios in El Kawther new buildings start at $9,000. New houses are notable for successful planning and a high level of finish.

Most real property in the ​​El Kawther area is secondary housing. Renting a studio in El Kawther will cost you about $200-250 per month, and the prices for one-bedroom apartments for rent range from $350 per month.

The main disadvantage of the real estate in El Kawther is high-density development, the houses are built practically back-to-back at ‘arm's length’.

But there is a solution, you can rent an apartment in a residential complex. In El Kawther, one of the most popular residential complexes for rent is British Resort.

Important! When purchasing real estate in this area, it is necessary to require the building permission for the house, the so-called Green Contract for land. There are illegally built houses, and no one can guarantee that these houses will not be demolished in the future.

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