Taukil  is a basic document you get when buying property in Egypt.

Taukil  is a kind of general power of attorney that gives you the right to dispose of your property in Egypt.

Attention! When buying real estate on the secondary property market, you need to get original taukils of all previous owners of the property.

Taukil  rules

The entire document is drawn up in Arabic only! It should be certified in a notary office! With taukil you can donate, inherit or resell your new property.

If you purchase property in Egypt on the instalment plan, taukil can be issued only after you pay 100%  of housing cost.

Basic information stated in taukil:

The seller data, information about the property, the buyer data including passport details. All the rights of the new owner (the right to dispose and the right to sell) are also stipulated.

The purchase amount is not specified.

Taukil should be signed only by the previous owner of the property, the presence of the buyer is not required!

In the notary office you can also issue a duplicate taukil that can be useful, if you recourse to the state authorities. For example, when you make a contract with water and energy suppliers

Attention!  Taukil is not enough to confirm the ownership rights in the judiciary system and the national property register of Egypt. To confirm the rights you need to register your real estate purchase agreement in court! We will tell you about it in our later posts.

If you sell your property in Egypt, when issuing taukil for your buyer you need to provide all previous taukils including yours, and land ownership certificate.

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