Real estate in El Gouna

Real estate in El Gouna

El Gouna is a resort town located 20 kilometers north of Hurghada. It was built in 1991 as a respectable tourist resort area by Egyptian millionaire Samih Sawiris.   

All hotels and villas of El Gouna are built on a series of small islands and lagoons connected by canals and bridges, so the resort is also known as the Venice of Egypt.

All the buildings in El Gouna are created in the same architectural style, and are painted in warm sand color. World-renowned architects from Italy, Egypt, America and France have been involved to design the buildings.

This resort town is a favorite place for living and recreation for wealthy Europeans and Americans. Here you can also find houses acquired by international celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, at least that's what Egyptian guides assert.

El Gouna is isolated from the outside world for nothing to mar a recreation of the vacationers and is therefore a self-sufficient town. Here you can find everything for life and a luxury holiday.

Cafes and restaurants, golf clubs, a lot of water sports companies, a private airport, clinic, tennis school, 4 sandy beaches, public transport, post office and much more make the life of 10,000 residents from around the world very comfortable.

Real property in El Gouna is considered to be premium, and has one of the highest investment attractiveness indexes in the world.


In El Gouna, the size of the apartments ranges from 56 to 190 square meters. The average cost per square meter of El Gouna new apartments is € 1500.

Almost all real properties in El Gouna have lagoon view, sea view or golf view.

The price for El Gouna villas ranges from a few hundred thousand dollars to several million. The approximate cost of a week's rental of a villa is € 3000.

In El Gouna, 99% of real estate transactions occur with the help of real estate agencies as owners of luxury villas and apartments are not engaged in the sale or rental on their own.


In Egypt, there are real estate agencies that specialize only in real estate of El Gouna. This should come as no surprise as unique clients require an individual approach.

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